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  • Gothic Choker Necklace/Gothic Jewelry/Steampunk Necklace/Beaded Choker/Victorian Necklace/Vampire Necklace/Gothic Decor/Lace Choker/LN-15-RD $12.98/piece
  • Bridal Lace Applique/Off-white Alencon Lace Applique/Boho Wedding Dress Applique/Prom Dress Applique/Luxury applique/ALA-10 $13.98/yard
  • Bridal Lace Trim/Off-White Lace Trim/Off-White Alencon lace trim/Boho Wedding Dress Lace/Lace Wedding Dress/Bridal Veil Lace Trim/AL-65 $8.98/yard
  • Black mesh lace trim embroidered with Pteris leaves and flowers, castteam lace, wide lace, about 8 inches wide, lace by the yard/EE-33 $5.48/yard
  • Flower lace applique/Cute Patches/Floral Lace Applique/Lace Patch, two layers lace flower applique, priced for pair of 2 LA-55 $2.98/yard
  • White lace applique pair/Heart-shaped applique/Cute Patches/Cotton Applique/bridal applique/Cotton Patch/Lace Medallion/priced for 2pc/LA-23 $4.98/yard
  • Embroidered Lace Fabric/Prom Dress Fabric/Evening Dress/Lace Wedding Dress/Unique bridal lace fabric/Floral lace fabric/Gold lace/FL-67 from $20.98/yard
  • Bridal Lace Applique Pair/Off-white Alencon lace Applique/Boho Wedding Dress Applique/Prom Dress Applique/Luxury Applique/ALA-01 from $4.98/yard
  • lace trim with floral embroidery, off-white lace fabric, wedding lace, unique bridal lace, lace dress, lace skirt/lace by the yard/EL-69-OW $6.98/yard
  • Eyelet Lace Trim/Antique Lace/Vintage Dress Lace/Boho Dress Lace/Vintage Wedding Dress/Lace Dress/Lace Fabric by the yard/EY-13 $1.98/yard
  • Halloween Applique/Halloween Costume/Rhinestone Applique/Shoe Clips/Shoe Applique/Spider Applique/Animal Applique/Priced for one piece/DL-25 $5.98/yard
  • Masquerade Mask/Masks For Masquerade/Venetian Mask/Half Mask/Lace Mask/Masquerade Mask Men/Gift for her/Gift for him/LM-5-BL $4.99/piece
  • Beige oval lace applique pair/Lace Medallion/Cute Patches/little girl applique/Cotton Patch/Round Applique/priced for 2pc/LA-3 $2.98/yard
  • White lace applique pair/cat applique/kitty applique/Cotton Patch/Lace Medallion/Cute Patches/Round Applique/priced for 2pc/LA-24-x $2.98/yard
  • Venise lace applique pair/Cute Patches/Lace Patch/lace applique/guipure lace applique with flower patterns/priced for a pair/LA-49 $3.98/yard
  • Flower lace applique/Floral Lace Applique/Lace Patch, two layers lace flower applique, priced by pair LA-53 $2.98/yard
  • Beige cotton elastic crochet lace/Cotton Lace Trim/Crochet Lace Trim/1 inch Lace Trim/Doll Lace/Couture trim/Lace by the yard, CL-03 $1.48/yard
  • Ivory Alencon lace trim/Lace Wedding Dress Lace Fabric/Boho Wedding Dress/Prom Dress/Boho Dress/Bridal Veil Lace/Lace Trim By the yard/AL-04 $5.98/yard

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