Bridal Applique - Items tagged as "Blue"

At Zeng's Lace, we pick bridal appliques with exquisite quality and breath-taking beauty in mind. Alencon appliques are usually sold in symmetric pairs that are suitable for wedding dresses and gowns and veils. Rhinestone and dimensional appliques are hand-made, with extra care. Motif applique that in extra sizes are for those who will do more for their dresses, and will go well with a back design.
  • Alencon lace applique/Lace Wedding Dress Applique/Bridal Applique/ALA-57 $6.98/yard
  • Flower lace applique/Floral Lace Applique/Lace Patch/ace flower applique/priced for pair of 2 LA-55 Instant Shipping! $2.98/yard
  • Lace Applique Pair/Wedding Dress Applique/Bridal Applique/Wedding Applique by pair/ALA-53 $10.98/yard
  • Lace Applique/Lace Wedding Dress Applique/ALA-24 Instant Shipping! $8.98/yard
  • Wedding Corsage Pale Green/3D Flower Applique/Bridal Applique/Beaded Applique/Priced for 1 pc/DL-20 Instant Shipping! $5.98/yard
  • Wedding Corsage Garmet/3D Flower Applique/Shoe Applique/Beaded Applique/Priced for one piece/DL-19 Instant Shipping! $2.98/yard

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