Stretch Lace - Items tagged as "White"

Chantilly lace is soft, delicate and elegant. It's suitable for bridal dress and lingerie.
  • White mesh lace trim embroidered with Victorian patterns, EE-06-01 Instant Shipping! $4.98/yard
  • White wide mesh ribbon with white and gold lotus flower embroidery, EE-21-01 Instant Shipping! $4.98/yard
  • French Lingerie Lace/Chantilly Lace Trim/Bridal Garter Lace/Wedding Lace/Lace by the yard, FNL-06 Instant Shipping! $8.98/piece
  • French Lingerie Lace/Stretch Lace/Soft Bralette Lace /Chantilly Lace by the piece/FNL-02 Instant Shipping! $6.98/piece
  • French Lace Tulle/Lace Fabric/Bridal Lace Jacket/French Lace Curtains/Lace by the yard, FNL-01 Out of stock
  • French Lace Tulle/Chantilly Lace Fabric/Bridal Lace Jacket/Lace Curtains/Lace by the yard, FNL-04 Out of stock
  • French Lace Trim/Chantilly Lace/Bridal Garter Lace/Floral Lace/Wedding Lace/Boho Lingerie, FNL-07 Instant Shipping! $8.98/piece
  • Off-white Adjacent Elastic Bridal Button Looping Trim/Wedding Dress Button Loop Trim/AA-01 Out of stock
  • Wide mesh lace trim embroidered with orchid flower on both edges, EE-13-X Instant Shipping! $5.98/yard
  • French Lingerie Lace Trim/Chantilly Lace/Unique Bridal Lace/Lingerie Lace/Lace by the yard FNL-05 Instant Shipping! $9.98/piece

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