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  • White Tulle Fabric/Soft Tulle/Bridal Veil Fabric By the Yard/FL-214 from $1.00/yard
  • Floral Embroidery Lace Fabric/Lace Wedding Dress with Embroidery/Boho Dress/EFL-54 from $10.98/yard
  • Embroidered Lace Fabric/Prom Dress Fabric/Evening Dress/Lace Wedding Dress/Unique bridal lace fabric/Floral lace fabric/Gold lace/FL-67 Instant Shipping! from $20.98/yard
  • Organza tulle lace fabric with heart-shaped pattern on it, three colors to choose, FL-04 Instant Shipping! $10.98/yard
  • White mesh lace fabric embroidered cotton willow branches and spring flowers/FL-05 Instant Shipping! $11.98/yard
  • Off-White Sequin Lace Fabric/Bridal Lace with Sequin/Wedding Dress Lace/Prom Dress Fabric/FL-81 Instant Shipping! from $12.98/yard
  • 3D Floral Lace Fabric/Unique Bridal Lace/Wedding Lace/Wedding Dress Lace/FL-51 Instant Shipping! from $14.98/yard
  • Unique Bridal Lace Fabric/Star Lace Fabric/Luxury Gown Lace/Wedding Lace/Wedding Dress Lace/FL-64 from $24.98/yard
  • Off-White Sequin Lace Fabric/Unique Bridal Lace with Sequin/Wedding Dress Lace/FL-86 Instant Shipping! from $30.98/yard
  • Off-White Sequin Lace Fabric/Floral Lace Fabric/Bridal Lace with Sequin/Wedding Lace/FL-73 from $30.98/yard
  • Off-White Sequin Lace Fabric/Bridal Lace with Sequin/Wedding Lace/Wedding Dress Lace/FL-74 from $25.98/yard
  • Off-White Lace Fabric/Lace Wedding Dress/Boho Wedding Dress/Boho Dress/FL-46 Instant Shipping! from $28.98/yard
  • Off-White Lace Fabric/Bridal Lace/Wedding Lace/Wedding Dress Lace/FL-82 from $24.98/yard
  • Off-White Lace Fabric/Bridal Lace/Sequin Lace Fabric/Wedding Lace/Wedding Dress Lace/FL-48 Instant Shipping! from $34.98/yard
  • Off-White Bridal Lace Fabric/Wedding Lace/Wedding Dress Lace/Bridal Lace/FL-58 from $32.98/yard
  • Off-White Bridal Lace Fabric/Bridal Lace/Wedding Lace/Wedding Dress Lace/FL-55 Instant Shipping! from $32.98/yard
  • Mesh tulle lace fabric with sequin flakes on it, seven colors to choose, FL-02 Instant Shipping! $10.98/yard
  • Leaf lace fabric/Off White lace fabric/Lace by the yard/FL-07 Instant Shipping! $15.98/yard
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