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  • Venise lace trim/Wide Lace Trim/Guipure Lace/White Wedding Lace by the yard VL-23 Instant Shipping! from $2.98/yard
  • Blue mesh lace trim with golden flowers and Victoria embroidery edge, 8 inches wide/EE-41 Out of stock
  • Venise lace applique, bridal lace applique, 26 colors to choose. LA-26 Instant Shipping! $4.98/yard
  • Off-White Sequin Lace Fabric/Bridal Lace with Sequin/Wedding Dress Lace/Prom Dress Fabric/FL-81 Instant Shipping! from $12.98/yard
  • Bridal Lace Applique/Off-white Alencon Lace Applique/Boho Wedding Dress Applique/Prom Dress Applique/Luxury applique/ALA-07 Instant Shipping! $8.98/piece
  • White Tulle Fabric/Soft Tulle/Bridal Veil Fabric By the Yard/FL-214 from $1.00/yard
  • White Alencon lace trim with floral patterns embroidered and scalloped edge, bridal lace, AL-08 Instant Shipping! $6.98/yard
  • Embroidered Lace Fabric/Prom Dress Fabric/Evening Dress/Lace Wedding Dress/Unique bridal lace fabric/Floral lace fabric/Gold lace/FL-67 Instant Shipping! from $20.98/yard
  • Floral Embroidery Lace Fabric/Lace Wedding Dress with Embroidery/Boho Dress/EFL-54 from $10.98/yard
  • Guipure lace trim with flowers/Venise Lace/7 inches lace/Wide Lace by the yard/GL-40 Instant Shipping! $4.49/yard
  • Bridal Lace Trim/Off-White Lace Trim/Off-White Alencon lace trim/Boho Wedding Dress Lace/Lace Wedding Dress/Bridal Veil Lace Trim/AL-32 Instant Shipping! $6.98/yard
  • Alencon lace trim/Lace Wedding Dress Lace Fabric/Bridal Veil Lace Trim By the yard/AL-61 Out of stock
  • Masquerade Mask/Masks For Masquerade/Venetian Mask/Half Mask/Lace Mask/LM-17 Instant Shipping! $4.99 $3.48/piece SALE
  • Guipure lace trim with butterfly pattern/Venise lace trim/Wedding Lace by the yard/GL-28 Instant Shipping! $2.98/yard
  • Venise lace trim with scolloped edges, guipure lace trim, 2 1/4 inch wide, VL-15-IV Instant Shipping! $2.98/yard
  • Guipure lace trim with snowflower pattern, venise lace trim, wedding lace, 2 inches wide, GL-37 Instant Shipping! $2.98/yard
  • Guipure lace trim with leaves and branches, venise lace trim, wedding lace trim, GL-45 Instant Shipping! $2.98/yard
  • Guipure lace trim with flowers and leaves, venise lace trim, wedding lace trim, GL-39 Instant Shipping! $4.49/yard
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