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  • Ivory 3D flower lace applique/Floral Lace Applique/lace flower applique priced for pair of 2/LA-37 Instant Shipping! $2.98/yard
  • Floral Lace applique Pair/Bridal applique/Bridal Gown Applique for 1 piece/ALA-29 $14.98/yard
  • Beige oval lace applique, LA-1-1 Instant Shipping! $3.98/yard
  • Beige oval cotton lace applique, little girl applique, LA-3-1 Instant Shipping! $2.98/yard
  • Beige lace applique, bunny rabbit applique, LA-22-1 Instant Shipping! $2.98/yard
  • Beige cotton lace applique, owl applique, LA-6-1 Instant Shipping! $3.98/yard
  • Beige cotton lace applique, angle playing trump applique, LA-11-1 Instant Shipping! $4.98/yard
  • Bridal Lace Applique Pair/Off-white Alencon lace Applique/Boho Wedding Dress Applique/Prom Dress Applique/Luxury Applique/ALA-01 Instant Shipping! from $4.98/piece
  • Alencon lace applique/Lace Wedding Dress Applique/Bridal Applique/ALA-57 $6.98/yard
  • Alencon Lace Applique Pair/Wedding applique/Bridal applique/Priced for a pair of two/ALA-26 Instant Shipping! $10.98/yard
  • Wedding Corsage Garmet/3D Flower Applique/Shoe Applique/Beaded Applique/Priced for one piece/DL-19 Instant Shipping! $2.98/yard
  • White/Beige lace applique, cat kitty mesh applique, LA-24-x Instant Shipping! $2.98/yard
  • White lace applique/feather applique/Lace Patch/Cute Patches/Venise Lace Applique, priced for one piece, LA-42 Instant Shipping! $4.98/yard
  • White lace applique, crown applique, LA-14-1 Instant Shipping! $2.98/yard
  • White cotton lace applique, Teddy bear applique, LA-15-1 Instant Shipping! $3.98/yard
  • White cotton lace applique, snowflake applique, LA-7-1 Instant Shipping! $3.98/yard
  • White 3D lace flower applique, two layers narcissus applique LA-40 Out of stock
  • White 3D lace butterfly organza lace applique, two layers butterfly lace applique. LA-27-WH $2.98/yard

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