Appliques (All)

  • Beige lace flower applique, two layers 3D flower applique/LA-36 Instant Shipping! $2.98/yard
  • Beige cotton lace applique, rocking horse applique, LA-9-1 Instant Shipping! $3.98/yard
  • Wedding Corsage Pale Green/3D Flower Applique/Bridal Applique/Beaded Applique/Priced for 1 pc/DL-20 Instant Shipping! $5.98/yard
  • White/Beige cotton oval lace applique, rose flower applique, LA-20-x Instant Shipping! $2.98/yard
  • White lace applique, snowflake applique, LA-19-1 Instant Shipping! $1.98/yard
  • White lace applique, five-pointed star applique, LA-12-1 Instant Shipping! $3.98/yard
  • White cotton lace applique, snowflake applique with numbers embroidered, LA-8-1 Instant Shipping! $3.98/yard
  • Venise lace applique pair/guipure lace applique/13 colors/priced for a pair/LA-48 Instant Shipping! $3.98/yard
  • Off-white Alencon lace applqiue with flower pattern, priced for a pair of two. ALA-06 Instant Shipping! $6.98/yard
  • Ivory lace Applique Pair/Flower Applique/Lace Wedding Dress/Bridal Applique/Boho Wedding Dress/Beaded Lace Applique/Boho Dress/ALA-37 Instant Shipping! $8.98/piece
  • Off-white Alencon lace Applique/Bridal Applique for a pair of two/ALA-71 Instant Shipping! $6.98/yard
  • Off-white Alencon Lace Applique /Wedding applique/Bridal applique priced for one piece/ALA-46 Instant Shipping! $10.98/yard
  • Off-White 3D Alencon lace applqiue with Rhinestone, wedding applique, priced for 2 ps. ALA-12 Instant Shipping! $12.98/yard
  • Off White loral Lace applique Pair/Bridal applique for 1 pc/ALA-58 Instant Shipping! $13.98/yard
  • Off White Lace Wedding Dress Applique/Lace Applique/Boho Wedding Dress/Bridal Applique/ALA-74 Instant Shipping! $20.98/yard
  • Lace Wedding Dress applique/Lace Applique/Lace Dress/Boho Wedding Dress/Prom Dress/Vintage Dress/Evening Dress/Bridal Applique/ALA-66 Instant Shipping! $14.98/piece
  • Lace Applique/Bridal Applique/Wedding Applique/Luxury Applique/Gown Applique by pair of 2/ALA-23 Instant Shipping! $7.98/yard
  • Lace applique/Bridal applique/Lace Patch/Bridal Gown Applique for 1 piece/ALA-45 Instant Shipping! $12.98/yard

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