• Beige lace applique pair/owl applique/owl patch/Cute Patches/Cotton Patch/Cotton Applique/Lace Medallion/priced for 2 pc/LA-6-1 $3.98/yard
  • Beige lace applique pair/Round Applique/bridal applique/Cute Patches/Lace Medallion/Cotton Patch/zengslace/priced for 2pc/LA-18-1 $3.98/yard
  • Beige lace applique pair、baby cart applique/Cute Patches/Cotton Patch/Cotton Applique/Lace Medallion/2 inch patch/priced for 2pc/LA-4-1 $2.98/yard
  • Beige lace trim embroidered with golden and white flowers, floral embroidery, curtain lace, 3 inches wide, doll lace,lace by the yard/EE-44 $4.98/yard
  • Beige Lace Trim/lace curtain trim/Cotton Lace Trim/Crochet Lace Trim/Lace Insertion Trim/Insertion Lace/Vintage Lace/Lace by the yard, CL-01 $1.98/yard
  • Beige lace/crochet lace trim/Cotton Lace Trim/Lace Insertion Trim/Vintage Lace Trim/lace curtain trim/Insertion  Lace by the yard/CL-02 $2.48/yard
  • Beige mesh lace trim with floral embroidery, floral lace, bridal lace, lace embroidery, floral embroidery, lace by the yard. ee-19-01 $3.49/yard
  • Beige oval lace applique pair/Lace Medallion/Cute Patches/little girl applique/Cotton Patch/Round Applique/priced for 2pc/LA-3 $2.98/yard
  • Black lace trim embroidered with white and grey flowers and butterfly on mesh lace, couture trim, 4 3/4 inches wide lace by the yard, EE-40 $4.98/yard
  • Black lace trim with embroidery, scalloped edge lace trim, black lace fabric, soft lace trim, wide lace trim/lace by the yard/ EL-73-BL $4.98/yard
  • Black lace trim with flower and leaves lace embroidery/lace fabric/regency dress lace/castteam lace/14 inches wide lace by the yard, EL-51 $9.98/yard
  • Black lace trim with leopard printed on mesh lace, couture trim, lingerie lace, lace embroidery, lace by the yard, ee-24-01 $5.98/yard
  • Black Lace/Guipure lace trim with diamond pattern/Lace Choker/Venise Lace/Couture Trim/Vintage Lace/Antique Lace/Lace by the yard, VL-8-BL $1.98/yard
  • Black mesh lace trim embroidered with Pteris leaves and flowers, castteam lace, wide lace, about 8 inches wide, lace by the yard/EE-33 $5.48/yard
  • Black mesh lace trim embroidered with white and grey flowers, couture lace, lingerie lace, 4 1/2 inches wide lace by the yard. ee-03-01 $4.98/yard
  • Blue embroidered lace trim on elastic lace, French lingerie lace, wide lace trim, castteam, couture trim, lace by the yard, ee-18-01 $5.98/yard
  • Blue lace fabric with lace embroidery, french lingerie lace trim, couture trim, about 9 1/4 inches wide lace by the yard. ee-25-x $5.98/yard
  • Blue mesh lace embroidery on black mesh lace trim, wide lace trim, lace by the yard, couture trim, cast team lace, doll lace trim. ee-10-01 $5.98/yard

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