Lace DIY Ideas: Refresh Old T-Shirt in 10 Minutes

Lace DIY Ideas: Refresh Old T-Shirt in 10 Minutes

Lace DIY Ideas: Refresh Old T-Shirt in 10 Minutes


Below are the steps to show you how you can change an ugly and old shirt into a completely new style, cute, stylish and creative shirt. You’d never know how excited and surprise after you added a beautiful lace.


It only takes 10 minutes or less. Let’s get started!



  1. Old T shirt of yours
  2. Lace trim 1 yard. We used LR0002 from You can buy it here. You choose many different styles and colors of lace from 

Step 1. Wash and iron the lace.

 Iron the lace

Step 2. Cut two pieces of the lace side of your sleeves, leave ½ inches for sewing allowance. In the photo there is a ¼ inches difference, that’s because I’ve folded the lace already. Use fabric cutter to cut off the extra lace piece.

 Cute the lace and leave 1/2 inches sewing allowance

Step 3. Check the lace to face out and sew the end side of the lace to close them up. Note this lace is soft, just be gentle and it’s not difficult to sew. :-) 

Sew the lace to close up


Step 4. Surround the lace on the outside of your sleeve and use pins to hold the lace surround tightly to the sleeves.

Surround the lace around the sleeve 

Step 5. Starting to sew the sleeve into a circle path, take out the pin one by one as you go. If you don’t have a sewing machine or you are not comfortable to use it, just hand-sew it!

Sew the lace and T-Shirt together 

Step 6. Until you sew the whole round sleeve, flip forward  the lace to the right side. Tada! It’s done!


What do you think? Does it work for you? Let us know if you get some suggestions!

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