Lace DIY Ideas: Boho Lace Jean Shorts

Lace DIY Ideas: Boho Lace Jean Shorts

After refreshing my old T-shirt a couple of days ago, I’m ready to work on a pair of jean shorts. I’ve owned this short for 5 years! It’s as comfy as cotton now, but a little out of date. Today I’m adding a circle of lace trim on the bottom to make it fresh new!


  1. A pair of old jean short.
  2. Lace trim, 2 yards. I'm using GL-36 from You can buy the lace from here.


Step 1: Wash and Iron the jean and lace.

Step 2: Measure the trousers and cut the lace. Leave 1 inches for sewing allowance.

Step 3: Pin the lace on the jean. Hide the endings on the inner corner so no one will notice it.

Step 4: Let’s sew! Follow the jean’s string line while sewing, and take the pins out as you go.

Step 5: Sew all way around the jean and cut the extra thread and lace out. Good job, you’re done!!!


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